Length 12.0/13.0 m (low entry 2-axle), 13.7/14.7 m (low entry 3-axle),
12.2/13.0 m (medium floor 2-axle), 14.9 m (medium floor 3-axle)
Width  2.55 m
Height 3.30 m
Permitted GVW 19 000 or 24750 kg 
Emissions standard Euro 6
Diesel engine Volvo D8K, 6-cylinder, in-line diesel engine. 280, 320 or 350 hp.
Transmission Volvo I-Shift automated gear-changing system or automatic transmission from ZF or Voith. All transmissions available with integrated retarder.
Exhaust system One box muffler design. Automatic regeneration of DPF without driver involvement under normal conditions.
Suspension Electronically controlled air suspension with kneeling function available on all variants.
Brakes Volvo electronically controlled disc brakes (EBS). ESP optional on medium floor models. Brake Blending function (all).
Doors Electric or pneumatic. Wide range of layouts with single or double doors, eg. 2+2+1 or 1+1+0
Climate system 28 or 38 kW AC with separate climate zones for driver and passengers.


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